Discovery Through Sustainability

Never compromise on kit. The planet depends on it.

We make it easy for you to shop for innovative, ethical, sustainable sportswear built for performance all in one place.

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We`ve got all the gym accessories you need to power through any workout.

From sleek, stylish backpacks to luxury silk towel sets.

Lockr Space is your destination for innovative, ethical, sustainable apparel built for performance all in one place.

Lockr Space: Living The Green Dream

We asked you and you told us that sustainable materials, gear for all types of athletes and the element of choice is what is missing from the UK’s sportswear market.

That is why we have partnered with the UK`s most reliable, durable and high performing sports brands to deliver consumers a platform of activewear discovery.

Our brands include Contur, Enso Sport, Feel Fit, Iron Roots, Lacuna Fit and many more guaranteed to match your intensity. Click here to shop the range!

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