LS 4th June 2021 News Roundup

Our weekly news round up in the world of sustainable sportswear begins with the following:

1. UEFA discuss their environmental sustainability and social responsibility ahead of the delayed EURO 2020 

Michele Uva, UEFA director of football social responsibility, discusses the their environmental commitments through campaigns such as Cleaner Air, Better Game campaign and more.

Read more here: Environmental sustainability and social responsibility: UEFA’s frontline role | Inside UEFA |

2. The UK watchdog to start investigating brands for "Greenwashing"

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has now published draft guidance on deceptive environmental claims as the growth for sustainable fashion (including sportswear) rises.

Brands will have to be increasingly careful about what they say in relation to their green credentials.

Read more here: The UK watchdog to start investigating brands for "Greenwashing" - Lexology

3. Mushroom leather and pineapple fabric are helping luxury brands respond to consumer pressure for greener textiles

As brands are pushed to be more sustainable in the creation of their goods, innovation is growing in the textiles being used.

Top brands such as adidas are already investigating new materials made from pineapple waste or lab-grown mycelium to produce leather alternatives.

Read more here: Sustainable materials are a vision of fashion’s future | Financial Times (

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