10 Fun Ways to Green Exercise

10 Fun Ways to Green Exercise - Lockr Space

How to be kind to the environment and with ourselves at the same time.

As World Kindness Day—and of course, Valentine’s Day—is speedily approaching us, it’s a great reminder to all of us to practise more self-love and self-care. But that also means looking after the environment around us too. This is where green exercise comes in, especially for those aiming to stay fit and wanting to take more of an uplifting action to help our environment. 


At its core, green exercise is essentially about getting out there in nature and working out. These days, this term also refers to simultaneously helping the environment while exercising and taking care of yourselves! Neat, huh? 

From cycling outdoors, wearing more sustainable sportswear, and joining in the all-family fun Planet Earth Games, there are many ways of doing green exercise, here are 10 to get you pumped: 

Head Outside



The 101 to green exercise is to head outdoors. Whether that is walking in the woods, watching the sunrise as you run on the beach, or skipping outside in your back garden. Take your pick, getting some fresh air, and reducing your carbon footprint by cutting down small journeys by car too.


Wear More Sustainable Sportswear


A great start to getting you excited to start your green exercise is to wear more sustainable sportswear. For the majority, most of the clothes we wear, including the ones we workout in, are rooted back to fast fashion, which is causing a lot of our landfills to speedily fill up. You can start by checking out the collection we have right here at Lockr Space, with brands like Feel Fit, Colter & Roe! and more. Come back soon to see the new additional brands joining us, such as Skimmed Milk

Sign up and Take Part in Planet Earth Games



Planet Earth Games is a non-profit organisation who hosts the world’s first environment-themed multi-sports event. It’s a great way to continue your green exercise journey enjoyably and uniquely. They host many exciting activities for the community, right now, riding the success of their August 2020 games, they’re back for their Winter Games 2021 running throughout February. Their Games include designing sustainable soaps, making use of all your raw veggies and fighting against food waste, and much more. Here at Lockr Space, we have teamed up with Planet Earth Games with our own challenge on 17 FebruarySign up and stay tuned here to see what your task is! Bonus: It’s free, and you get a chance to win all sorts of prizes and a medal! 


Eat Greener and More Plant-Based Meals


As we all know, eating a healthy balanced diet is essential. But taking it to the next sustainable level can include cutting back foods with a large carbon footprint. You can try more plant-based meals in your diet, aim to buy (or grow your own!) organic fruit and vegetables and buy foods that have less plastic packaging. 


Using Apps in Your Green Exercise Routine



There is a wide variety of apps that can help you become more sustainable. Some apps can help you recycle your clothes, find your closest cycling routes, plant trees while you’re trying to stay focused working out and reduce water and food waste. Here are some to get you started: EcosiareGAINForestBikemapGreenChoice.


Try Plogging


While you’re out and about doing your exercise, in a more hands-on way to help the environment, there is a thing called: Plogging. Whether you decide to go on a run, a walk or you name it, plogging is where you pick up litter while you exercise. Talk about multitasking at its best!


Use Reusable Water Bottles



In the general need for all of us to reduce our plastic waste, one of the easiest go-to ways of doing this is to swap out all of your single-use plastic bottles and replace them with a reusable one. There’s a wide range to pick from out there, ones that remind you to drink more, ones that schedule how much you should be drinking throughout the day and ones that keep your water the perfect temperature for you! For both style and efficiency, Summit Crazy has two brand new products out, their Soft Flask water bottle, £10 and their Lost in the Woods water bottle, £18 available right here at Lockr Space!


Sign up to Sponsored/Charity Runs


Just because we can’t gather in huge groups right now, doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy the joys of a sponsored run. And here’s a bonus, why not try to run for a charity whose aim is to help the environment, organisations like WWFNational Trust and Trees for Cities do just that!


Green Gyms and Sustainable Exercise Gear



Even though gyms are put on hold right now, it’s something we’re all eager to get back to whether you’re an avid gym-goer or a gym owner. It be might a good idea to start planning that your first trip back should be to a green gym, Green gyms are built to be more environmentally friendly. If you’re a gym owner who wants to do just that, you can start using energy producing equipment, help with water and paper waste, use renewable energy, and use more eco-friendly cleaning products. Alternatively, while we’re all still working out at home and using our own equipment, we should aim to increase the amount of sustainable gear we own. To start, you can check out Eco Yoga Mats’ new Sticky Yoga Mat in purple, £34 and if that’s not your fancy, find more sustainable yoga mats right here


Pedal Your Own Energy


Another effective way of using your bicycle is by using a bicycle generator. With the power of pedalling, you can generate power to charge a battery. This can generate enough to power and run small things about your home!


In summary, whatever you choose, remember there are always ways to practice kindness and ways to help the environment.

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