10 Leading Inspirational Female Athletes

10 Leading Inspirational Female Athletes - Lockr Space

Female athletes are taking the world by storm as we approach International Women’s Day, on top of March, where we are celebrating Women’s History Month in the UK. It only seems fitting to look at a few leading athletes that inspire us with what they do for a living.

Here is a small introductory of only a few incredibly talented women that we should undoubtedly be rooting for:


Nicola Adams


When it comes to inspiring female athletes, our British own, Nicola Adams, is one of the best. The former professional boxer competed for two years between 2017 and 2019. 

But while she was still just a budding amateur, she achieved global recognition to become the first female boxer Olympic Champion back in 2012, winning gold!

Of course, the overachiever she was, she didn’t stop there, proving more of her talent by winning a second gold medal at Rio Games in 2016. 

She won another type of award in 2019 when winning the Sports Personality Award at the British LGBT Awards. 

All the while, she may be retired now, she’s retired with the incredible achievement of having an undefeated record and having the knowledge that in a moment in her career, she was the reigning Olympic, World and European Games Champion in flyweight!




Simone Biles


Flying over to America, Simone Biles is famous for being the most decorated American gymnast in history due to her 30 Olympic and World Championship medals. 

Beating a new score in World Championship history, she collected gold in all four events. She is, in fact, a five-time World All-around champion—try to say that five times fast!

If you want to get down in the nitty-gritty, she gained the most World medals hitting a mountainous 25 of them, and when it comes to the gold ones, she got 19! 

Topping it all off, Biles even has four skills named after her already! And it’s no wonder she landed the Cheng vault, and that’s no easy feat in the gymnastics world; usually, only male gymnasts could afford to attempt this vault.




Serena Williams


No list of female athletes would be complete without mentioning the real GOAT of our times, Serena Williams

The former no.1 tennis player with 23 Grand Slam titles to her name holds the most Grand Slams titles, that is, singles, doubles and mixed doubles combined. Wow! Not only that, she held 319 weeks as the world’s best!

She was only a cinch away from beating Margaret Court’s world record of 24 Grand Slams.

Sadly, as know, female athletes still face discrimination, and Williams is no exception, and with such experience, she wrote an open letter about gender equality in sports.




Wojdan Shaherkani


Shaherkani is only one out of two Saudi women who were selected for the 2012 Olympic Games. But was the first Saudi Arabian woman to compete!

She had previously competed in the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 for Saudi Arabia for her sport in Judo. 




Yani Tseng


A lot has happened to the young Yani Tseng over the years, but Tseng should be celebrated nevertheless as she was the youngest player ever, for both male or female, to win five major championships. 

She had ranked the top space for the Women’s World Golf ranking for 109 consecutive weeks; yes, you read that right!




Hilary Knight


Hilary Knight, an ice hockey player, who helped lead Team USA to gold at the 2018 PyeongChang Games, being their first Olympic victory in a whopping 20 years. It’s no wonder she is the face of women’s US ice hockey!

She’s also one of the more vocal voices in 2017 when the US Women’s team demanded their treatment and opportunities to be improved. To prove the subject’s severity, she even joined in to threaten to boycott the World Championships on home ice

And as if being a seven-time gold medallist at the IIHF World Women’s Championships and a gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics wasn’t enough. She is a vital voice in the PWHPA’s #ForTheGame movement. 



Naomi Osaka


Another tennis player on the list happens to be Serena Williams’ no.1 fan and has been ranking no.1 by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA).

She even defeated her idol, Serena Williams, in 2018 at the US Open.

Osaka made a name for herself as the first Japanese to win a Grand Slam singles tournament.




Khadijah Mellah


While the young Khadijah Mellah was studying for her A-levels, she had beaten a 25:1 odd on her mount Haverland to win, and of course that she did! On top of that, it’s noted that she was the least experienced rider out there and the youngest. 

Making history, she became the first jockey to wear a hijab in a competitive British horse race.

If that wasn’t enough for you, she won the Magnolia Cup in 2019 and won The Times Young Sportswoman of the year.




Megan Rapinoe


You may have heard Megan Rapinoe over the past few years. Being an openly gay American football player, she helped the Women’s US team to claim first place at the FIFA World cup in 2015 and has been widely vocal about many marginalised topics.

Being a huge advocate for numerous LGBT+ organisations, she was one of five US football players complaining about equal pay and becoming the first white and first female athlete to kneel in solidarity.

There is no question why she won the Golden Boot and Golden Ball awards.




Minda Dentler


Last but certainly not least in our list of female athletes is Minda Dentler, who had been known to be struggling with her life-threatening disease of Polio. She’s been applauded as a survivor and vaccine advocate. Additionally, she completed the hefty Ironman Triathlon, including biking over 112 miles, 26.22-mile run and swimming 2.4 miles in 2012. 

Though she has a lot to be proud of, vaccinating her daughter against Polio has to be one of them. 

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