The Best Fitness Apps for Home Workouts

The Best Fitness Apps for Home Workouts - Lockr Space

We’re hopefully on track to exiting out of this lockdown in the UK. Soon enough, indoor training facilities and gyms will open their doors once more, but for now, whether you’re still waiting for that moment or you want to update your training at home, here are a few of the best fitness apps to help guide you through your journey.

Here is a list of a few apps that will help both sectors of your health at home.



Daily Yoga


Daily Yoga does what it says on the tin plus more. This app is suited for the full scale of expertise, whether you’re a complete beginner or a professional yogi. 

Daily Yoga has a Smart Coach feature that helps you when you’re struggling to pick which classes to do next. 

They also have guided lessons to ease you into the basics and lead you into the more advanced classes when you’re ready.


Free | Premium option available | Available on iOS and Android 





With their slogan “stop paying to work out”, their app ensures you don’t need to pay out of your pockets to be fit!

Ever wanted to work out with celebrity trainers? FitON app gives you a chance! You can even train with people like Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye!

Stock full of unlimited access to classes from pilates, yoga and HIIT, FitON gives you all you need in one spot. 

The leaderboard hits your competitive side in the perfect spot to help you work to your fullest.


Free | Premium option available | Available on iOS and Android 




We featured the Bikemap app in our green exercising post. You can learn more about that here! 

Thanks to over 7 million cycle routes worldwide available on their app to select, on top of their voice navigation feature available off and online, it’s hard to go wrong with Bikemap.  

If you ever feared your bicycle breaking or in need of a rental wherever you are, Bikemap pins out the spots on the map on all local rentals and repair shops you can find, allowing you to cycle with ease. 


Free | Premium option available | Available on iOS and Android 



JEFIT Workout Planner


Organisation and planning your workouts are crucial to your motivation and help your endurance keep the habit going.

What more, you have the chance to customise your workouts to your liking to enjoy your exercises further while giving you the ability to see post-workout analytics, so you know what to improve for next time.


Free | Premium option available | Available on iOS and Android 



30 Day Fitness at Home


Consistency is key to keeping up a healthy habit. If you want to see results and build up your fitness habit, this is the app to download.

If you need a little push every day or a little reminder for your workouts, the 30 Day Fitness at Home app can set your reminders by syncing the app with your Apple Health app to get those daily reminders to get you up and motivated!

Sometimes we just want to specify the body part we want to hone in on and improve. The app allows you to specify whatever you want to work on specifically.


Free | Premium option available | Available on iOS and Android 





MyFitnessPal is the go-to for calorie-counting. It’s tracking food made easy. Using their scan barcode feature, you’re able to scan the food you eat and help track and organise your diet and improve your meal plan. 

The app is also beyond their calorie-counting and nutrient tracker. They’re also helpful in setting your goals, changing your habits for the better, tracking your steps, and allow you to choose from over 350 exercises!


Free | Premium option available | Available on iOS and Android





Physical to mental health each comes hand in hand with achieving great fitness and a healthy lifestyle. 

Headspace is brilliant if you’re looking for easing your stress through meditation and within bite-sized daily chunks. They also have more clips available to go through as you wish. 

It’s also essential to keep our sleep on track, so we have more energy during the day while we train and exercise. Headspace also has helped clips with aiding your sleep and wake up.


Free | Premium option available | Available on iOS and Android





Sanvello focuses deeper into your depression, anxiety or if you’re feeling overwhelmed or burned out.

Using CBT-based techniques, this mindful app has a tool-kit, coaching and therapy to help you through whatever you’re struggling with.

Being aware of your habits and patterns with their tracker will also guide you on your first steps on what you can do to feel better.

With this, you’ll be able to feel better while you’re on your path to staying fit!


Free | Premium option available | Available on iOS and Android



Charity Miles


Right now, traditional charity runs seem like a far off dream, but Charity Miles might be the next best thing.

If you want to help others while you help yourself, Charity Miles can help you pledge to donate daily for each mile you do your thing, whether that’s cycling, walking or running.

You can also create your own pledge page. You can get your friends and family to sponsor you just like every other charity run or marathon!


Free | Available on iOS and Android





This popular app is popular for a reason. You may have heard of it or already use it.

The main boom of popularity comes down to the fact that it’s a very communal app. It shares your activities and allows you to compare yourself with others and motivate each other or get more competitive with monthly challenges!

Using your GPS, it can track your walks, runs and cycle within just a few clicks.


Free | Premium option available | Available on iOS and Android

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