Top 10 Brands To Get Your Sports Bra From Today

Top 10 Brands To Get Your Sports Bra From Today - Lockr Space

Just like finding the right trainers or activewear for your workouts, it is important to have the right women's sports bra. You cannot underestimate the most vital piece of your exercise equipment. Breasts are composed of tissue and are mainly supported by just skin and fragile ligaments (Fitness First) in fact breasts undergo more G force during activity like running than an F1 car (Live Science) so it's important to have the extra support during repetitive or high impact activity.


However, finding the best sports bra for you can be understandably difficult with many brands out there providing support to your winners! We’ve compiled a list of top 10 brands to get your sports bra to hopefully make this journey easier for you (while keeping sustainability in mind). They are in no particular order but we hope that you find what you're looking for.

Freya Lingerie

Freya Lingerie, as you guessed it, covers all women's lingerie. You never know what life will bring, where you'll be or what you'll wear. Because life is so unpredictable you need the reassurance of the perfect fit for your inner wear. 


They are a brand that is taking its first strides to more sustainable fashion by using the colourful crochet look lace featuring Q-Nova, an innovative yarn created from waste material from the textile industry.


Alongside their lingerie they also produce sports bras with a full range of sizes that go right up to a K cup (a great range for those looking for a plus size sport bra). Some of the products we recommend are their Epic Moulded Crop Top Sports Bra and their Core Underwire Sports Bra.


Lapp the Brand

Lapp the Brand was created to embody the 21st century woman in both their style and their substance. Lapp became known as a hub for women to express their views through their words with the clothing side acting as more of a merchandise store to their thriving blog.


Among all of their fashion on their store they also make sports bras for their community. Their bras have breathable and stretchy fabric, removable sculpted padding for their padded sports bras and provide a sexy look for each of their sports bras.


Some of the Products we recommend are their Geo Print Sports Bra and their UFC Sports Bra (Black) - with fully adjustable straps too!



CONTUR is a premium activewear brand that's designed for bold women who aren't afraid to break the mould and live their life at full speed. They are known for their “sustainable style from the heart of London”. Their choice of fabric is ECONL which is made by recovering and repurposing old fishing nets and ocean plastics into 100% recycled yarn - perfect for high-performance activewear!


CONTUR have a passion for empowering women to enhance their natural shape, turn heads and feel unapologetically free in their own body. You've got it and they help you flaunt it.


Their sports bra collection does just that! Some of the products we recommend are their Free Form Crop and their Afresh Crop.



Skimmed Milk

Skimmed Milk is a sustainable activewear brand that offers a full range of activewear that is functional yet fun. Whether you go through low resistance training such as yoga or pilates or are more intense workout like doing HIIT classes they’ve got your back. Their aim is to provide joyful fitness and athletics wear that can be used across many disciplines.


They do their best to help minimise the environmental impact of their brand via their products' lifecycle and with their daily running. As they grow they will only get better and better! 


Some of the products we recommend are their Longline Sports Bra - Blueberry and their Pulse Sports Bra 2.0 - Electric Blue. Loving their range of beautiful colours!

Feel Fit

Feel Fit is a brand that promotes long lasting change to your health, fitness & nutrition and wardrobe for your active lifestyle. It all started by them asking themselves if they could make a positive difference to their health while at the same time make a positive difference for our planet.


Their activewear is designed to make you feel good about yourself while doing your workout whilst doing your part to protect our planet. We all need fitness in some form or another in our lives. Why not wear something that makes you feel stronger, is strong for our planet and strong for our future?


Their sports bras and bralettes are made from sustainable and recyclable materials. Perfect for any yoga, activewear, at the gym or relaxing at home! Some of the products we recommend are their Signature Ultra Bra - Moon and their Signature Ultra Bra - Nero.



Marree is a brand where women support women. It all started with the founder who's been testing sports products all her life as competing in sport was a big part of her childhood. She found that her ultimate support did not exist and this trend led to the birth of Marree.


A supportive sports bra is much more than a fashion piece, it is a much more technical piece of sporting equipment. They've provided stability and power for support as well as stretch and breathability for comfort through their engineering and testing backgrounds. Another wow factor is that they also provide free virtual fittings! Almost 80% of women are wearing the wrong size sports bra and they want to seriously reduce this number.


Some of the products we recommend are their Solidarity High-Impact Sports Bra and their Maaree x Ashmei Empower Sports Bra. Perfect for those looking for high support sports bras!

Shock Absorber

Shock Absorber as you can tell by its name provides an enormous range of shock absorber sports bras. They’ve got sports bras by the activity whether it is running, martial arts, aerobics or rugby. They have it all! 


They are driven by innovation to create extreme and high performance sports bras or anyone to purchase. Understanding the importance of breast support during exercise they went ahead and tested all of their products against the research of University of Portsmouth (the world leaders in breast health) and upgraded their performance fabrics to bring cutting edge, breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics. Research shows that wearing a Shock Absorber Ultimate Run bra can reduce breast bounce by as much as 78%! That's twice as much level of support as a normal bra.


There are too many categories to choose from but some of the products we recommend would be their InfinitY Power Bra and their Ultimate Run Bra Padded - a really great padded sports bra under their high impact sports bras category.

Elle Evans

Elle Evans is a sustainable activewear and swimwear brand for women and children. Their fashion is made from post-consumer waste fabrics following our top picks for sustainable sportswear brands.


All their orders are made in order to know that each Elle Evans piece is going to a happy home and not a landfill. They are packed and shipped responsibly using compostable HEROPACK mailers which can be home composted. A very well eco conscious brand from each piece's creation to its packaging and delivery.


Some of the products we recommend are their Lila Yoga Bra and their Flora Reversible Sports Bra - a two in one!


Boody is a brand that is good for you and good for the planet. It was a brand that was conceptualised by two best friends who combined their passions for fashion and health to create and aco clothing brand with comfort, style and health.


One of their main textiles is Bamboo textiles. This is cloth, yarn and clothing made out of bamboo (as you probably figured out). There are so many benefits to using bamboo in clothes and while there are too many to list here (but you can read more here) the obvious reason is that it provides no sacrifice to comfort while taking care of our planet. 


While sports bras aren't their speciality we still recommend their Racerback Sports Bra (racerback design)and their Motivate Longline Sports Bra for your comfortable active life.



Knicky is a brand made in a Fair Trade Certified Factory. They have organic cotton underwear sets that are some of the best  in the sustainable activewear market. They’ve partnered with an NYC non-profit to recycle old undergarments too, turning them into insulation and rug pads. They swap the greenwashing for integrity. 


They create all types of underwear without sacrificing comfort while being sustainable. Buying from them gives you the freedom knowing that you are getting eco-conscious sets of underwear.


Some of the products we recommend are their Keyhole Sports Bra and their Tank Sports Bra.

We hope this list has been helpful for you and we hope you go for sustainable brands so that we take care of our planet while taking care of ourselves. At Lockr Space we truly believe that in whatever we do, our planet should come first. We do our part in fulfilling this. But first…


Who is Lockr Space?

Lockr Space is the home of various high-quality sustainable sportswear brands. We make it easier for you to find and purchase sustainable gear all in one place.


Our goal is to help everyday athletes find brands that are committed to sustainability. We curate products that consider ethical, environmental and social aspects that make them sustainable.


We’ve got the best sustainable activewear in the UK and hope to get even more brands on board in the future. We have sustainable men’s activewear and sustainable women’s activewear all in one place, and it’s up to you to choose what’s best for you and our planet.


We only have one place we can call home, let’s try and keep it around for a while. 


Until Next Time,

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