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What is Sustainable Activewear? | Lockr Space - Lockr Space

We are seeing more and more ads for products that are advertised as being sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly. What is it all about and do we need to make everything sustainable? 

Sustainability is the ability to maintain or support a process for a long period of time. Akeem, the founder of Lockr Space, believes that sustainability is about more than just environmental practices--it's about social and economic practices, too.

Humans have been on planet earth for a long time, and we have developed a lot in the past few thousand years. Despite all our positive development, our planet's health has suffered.

The United Nations created 17 Sustainable Development Goals in 2015 to help countries focus on sustaining our planet. We all have a duty to help out and organisations around the world are trying to help out too. 


So what’s activewear got to do with this? What is Sustainable Activewear?


Athletes are no exception to this goal. There are many sustainable activewear brands out there helping athletes feel good in their outfits as well as being eco-conscious. It’s activewear:

  • That supports the fair trade agreement designed to help producers in growing countries achieve sustainable trade relationships and working conditions
  • That is predominantly made with eco-friendly materials and the brand is transparent regarding the percentage of fabrics and materials used
  • That’s worked with ethical companies to ensure their manufacturing is sustainable, ethical
  • Where the brand offers services such as recycling or reusing materials. This is to prevent items from going into a landfill as much as possible.
  • With a social impact such as being vegan
  • With a verified manufacturer that meets the ethical and sustainable standards via formal verification and certification
  • That’s plastic-free or uses organic cotton
  • That has recycled/biodegradable packaging
  • That has recyclable material or uses recycled fabrics such as recycled polyester
  • Where the company uses a carbon-neutral company to offset carbon emissions
  • That has natural fibres produce plants, animals or geological processes in a non-harmful way

That’s right Sustainable Activewear isn’t just about cutting the environmental footprint but also maintaining economic and social sustainability too.

Zoom in to Sustainable Activewear UK. 


Who is Lockr Space?


This is where Lockr Space comes in! Lockr Space is the home of various high-quality sportswear brands. We make it easier for you to find and purchase sustainable gear all in one place.

Our goal is to help everyday athletes find brands that are committed to sustainability. We curate products that consider ethical, environmental and social aspects that make them sustainable.

We’ve got the best sustainable activewear in the UK and hope to get even more brands on board in the future. We have sustainable men’s activewear and sustainable women’s activewear all in one place, and it’s up to you to choose what’s best for you and our planet.

We only have one place we can call home, let’s try and keep it around for a while. 


Until Next Time, 

Shreya Thakrar :)

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