Which Activewear is best for Women’s Workout? - Lockr Space

Which Activewear is best for Women’s Workout? - Lockr Space - Lockr Space

Whether you're doing yoga, pilates, playing a sport or heavy weight training, it’s important to have the right fit for you. Having the right activewear not only boosts your performance but also boosts your mood and motivation to do better. As the phrase goes you wanna look good and feel good.

Yet, it's hard to find which activewear is best for you and your workout with all of the hundreds of brands out there catering to various people and sports out there. We’ve put together a list of brands we feel might be of interest for you and your needs. They are in no particular order but we hope you find this list useful for you!


Skimmed Milk


Skimmed Milk is a sustainable activewear brand that offers a full range of activewear that is functional yet fun. Whether you go through low resistance training such as yoga or pilates or are more active doing HIIT classes they’ve got your back. Their activewear’s specialty is their latest moisture-wicking fabrics that incorporate a 4-way stretch - perfect for workouts targeting your flexibility.

They’ve got products like their Switch Up Sports Bra or their High Rise (Strawberry) Leggings!

bubble gum switch up sports bra and leggings on model by skimmed milk strawberry high rise leggings and sports bra by skimmed milk on model


Stretch & Burn


This is a sustainable sportswear brand that’s built to last and is designed for the real world. Stretch & Burn was created amidst lockdown where Clare and Rick (the founders) had the realisation of how important exercise is for your mind, body & soul. If you’re out cycling, running, walking and being out in the fresh air this activewear brand may be the best for you. Their activewear for women is sustainable and uncompromising when it comes to quality in their performance.

They’ve got workout gear like their All in One ECONYL Jumpsuit (Black/Gold) or their Shine ECONYL Workout Vest Top (Riviera)!


all in one jumpsuit by stretch and burn on model in forest shine workout vest top by stretch and burn on model doing yoga



UNDER-RAPT is one of the best modest athleisure brands out there today! The lack of available modest apparel for the style conscious, modern active female is no longer overlooked. This sustainable brand’s activewear is focused on blending unique style, fabric technology and comfort to enable women globally to Live, Perform and Express their individuality for any active occasion.

They’ve got products like their Organic Grey Sports Hijab or their Organic Relaxed Grey Jumpsuit!


organic grey sports hijab by under-rapt on model organic grey relaxed jumpsuit on model by under-rapt

P.E Nation


P.E Nation is for ALL DAY, EVERY DAY for EVERYBODY. This brand’s street-meets-sportswear will have you looking amazing while staying active. You can shop by the activity you’re doing i.e. running, yoga, swimming, gym training and more! Not only are they known for their awesome style but they also are continuing their journey to produce eco-friendly conscious activewear and fashion, valuing sustainability and protection of the planet. You can look good, feel good and do good by getting your activewear from P.E Nation.

They’ve got gym clothes like their Bronte One Piece in Print Swimming Costume or their In Play Leggings in Black!


bronte one piece print swimming costume by p.e nation on model in play leggings by p.e nation on model



CONTUR is a premium activewear brand that's designed for bold women who arent afraid to break the mold and live their life at full speed, in and outside the gym. They are a sustainable activewear brand using fabrics like ECONYL that brings you style from the heart of London. If you're on the lookout for a brand to enhance your natural shape, turn heads and feel in your own body - CONTUR would be the best brand for you.

They've got workout clothes like their Bold Move Leggings and their Block Rocker Crop 2.0!

bold move leggings by contur on model block rocker crop top and leggings on model by contur


Gym + Coffee


Up Next we have Gym + Coffee. A rising brand in the activewear space specialized in their athleisure collections. It was a brand curated on a mission to bring high quality athletic clothing to a community of people focused on socializing around exercise. They are more than just a clothing company, they put their community and planet first.

They’ve got products like Run Free Tee in Mint or their Women’s MVP 2.0 Jogger in Black!


run free tee mint on models by gym + coffee womens mvp jogger in black on model by gym + coffee


We love seeing everybody shine while they are active. You can find some of the brands listed on our site here at Lockr Space or you can check them out on their websites too. For those of you who are new to Lockr Space…


Who is Lockr Space?


Lockr Space is the home of various high-quality sportswear brands. We make it easier for you to find and purchase sustainable gear all in one place.


Our goal is to help everyday athletes find brands that are committed to sustainability. We curate products that consider ethical, environmental and social aspects that make them sustainable.


We’ve got the best sustainable activewear in the UK and hope to get even more brands on board in the future. We have sustainable men’s activewear and sustainable women’s activewear all in one place, and it’s up to you to choose what’s best for you and our planet.


We only have one place we can call home, let’s try and keep it around for a while. 


Until Next Time,

Shreya Thakrar

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