Sport is such an important part of my life, it has taught me so many lessons and built unbreakable bonds through shared experiences.

In order to perform at my best, I have found it is vital that the clothing is fit for purpose and I have always loved the ability that sportswear has to elevate the sporting experience at any level.

The problem that I found time and time again when shopping for sportswear through familiar fashion e-retailers is that options were limited. When shopping further afield, clothes were ill-fitting, cheap and the types of fast fashion I would prefer to stay away from.

There are however, great independent sustainable sportswear brands across social media that are making a difference and producing the type of sportswear that as a consumer I wanted to get my hands on.

"This is how Lockr Space was born – a space where any sportswear brand can have their own unique Lockr to showcase their products."

I began building Lockr Space in January 2020 with three core components at its heart.

About Lockr Space

I wanted to build a company that I was proud of, that embraced everything that sport has taught me, and that genuinely made a difference.

Since launching in December 2020 I have been lucky enough to work with so many amazing individuals that share my passion for sustainable sportswear and the power of sport as a vehicle to drive change:

- Green Gazelles – The world’s first vegan rugby club

- Run With Purpose LDN – A community helping men overcome mental health issues through running

- Deoruns - Running 10km everyday for 381 days raising awareness for racial justice, equality and peace

As Lockr Space started to gain momentum, I was featured in The Independent and included into the first accelerator programme ran by Barclays Eagle Labs and Foundervine.

This type of publicity only cemented what I already knew, that Sport can drive change and with Lockr Space, I know I can use it to not only equip everyday athletes with the appropriate gear needed for their sports journey, but make a tangible difference beyond the playing field.

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