Lockr Space X Envaluate

We’re exploring a new feature, in collaboration with climate-tech startup Envaluate, to include Carbon Labels on our products. We’re optimistic you’ll like it, in fact 67% of consumers in the UK support the idea.

Why are carbon labels important?

Knowing the carbon footprint of products helps you to make informed decisions that better benefit our planet and encourages brands to be transparent. Researchers believe behaviour changes may contribute more than a fifth of the emissions cuts required to reach net zero by 2050!

About Envaluate

Envaluate are a london based startup, backed by Bethnal Green Ventures, on a mission to make carbon footprint a factor in every decision made. You can find out more about Envaluate on their website, www.envaluate.co.uk.

Let us know your thoughts
Do you want to see the carbon footprint on the items you buy? Have any thoughts or questions around the methodology? Reach out and let us know.