What is Lockr Space?
We're an online marketplace for independent sustainable sports brands.
How does Lockr Space know their suppliers are sustainable?
At Lockr Space, we champion brands to be as sustainable as possible. We refer to the positive actions a brand takes to be more sustainable as “attributes”. We acknowledge that some brands are just embarking on their journey to be sustainable, whereas others have fully developed a strong sustainable life cycle for their products.  On each product description you will see an outline of a brands “Sustainability Attributes” outlining exactly how and what makes the brand sustainable.
How do you find your brands?
You can access in two ways. In our Header Menu if you click "Brands" or within your side bar by clicking the brand Logo.
I need help, how can I contact Lockr Space?
We are always happy to help. Please contact us via our "contact us" form
How do I contact a brand?
You can find contact details for brands within their store or brand pages. If you are unable to contact the brand directly, please contact us via our "contact us" form as we would be happy to support your query for the brand.
How much is delivery?
Delivery prices vary depending on the brand that you have ordered from and country tou have ordered from. For specific details please check the brands delivery, warranty and refund details.
Why am I being charged two rates for shipping?
If you are buying from multiple brands, multiple delivery fees and times are likely to be applied to your order.
Where can I see my orders?
Sign into "My Account" and you can view all orders in the "Orders" section.
How long do I have to return an order?
We have a 30-day returns period (from date of purchase). Our brands also have specific requirements for goods to be accepted which include packaging, lavel and marks/makeup. For specific details contact the Lockr Space team at