Open your Lockr, sell on Lockr Space and captivate a larger audience

We are always looking for the greatest sportswear brands and stores, no matter how big or small specialising in truly unique offerings and championing sustainability at all levels.

Never again should a sports store should be created on a platform not purely dedicated to an audience catered around the everyday athlete.

But what can we provide?

Significant benefits from selling on our platform

Additional Exposure - Reach a new audience as we attract all those seeking the best & latest in sports wear while trying to be fair to the environment

Additional Channel - Add a new sales channel that is intuitive and simple to use alongside your existing website and social media pages

Growing Community - Join our growing base of independent sustainable sportwear brands as we create a new platform for all sports

Customised Storefront - Make your store with our intuitive platform so that your store is represented exactly how you would like it to be