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SportT - Men's Bamboo All-Sports T-shirt (Black)

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70% Bamboo, 30% Organic and Sustainably sourced Cotton, Ultra-soft, High sweat wicking, Carbon negative and environmentally friendly.

A must-have for every athlete, improved with bamboo fabric: our SportT is an all-round t-shirt perfect for every work-out. It’s light weight and comfortability feel like a second skin and you’ll forget you’re even wearing it.

70% Bamboo

30% Organic and Sustainably sourced Cotton

Extended Description
Antibacterial: reduces body odour
Higher UV protection for a safer skin
Wicks more than standard cotton t-shirts, taking away sweat from skin
Softer than cotton
Lightweight for a resistance free performance

Needs less water than cotton to grow
Doesn’t need fertilizers and pesticides
Fast growing
When harvested you don’t kill the root (and avoids tilling the land)
Takes carbon from the air and into the fabric
Ensō Sport Sustainability Attributes
  • Working with the Enso Foundation to grow bamboo in a responsible way

  • The Enso Foundation is in its infancy, but will work internationally to develop bamboo farming with a view to stop desertification in Africa, kick-start re-forestation in South America, and protect biodiversity in Asia

  • Uses fabric made of recycled plastic, organic and sustainably sourced cotton or virgin bamboo (carbon negative fabric)