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Compression socks primarily made from hemp, the most durable and sustainable material nature has to offer. Exceptionally breathable and skin-friendly compression socks that effectively enhance blood circulation. The socks have natural antibacterial and thermal qualities, which helps you stay fresh and comfortable no matter what season. They suit both for outdoor activities and long days at work, and the natural soft touch of hemp just improves with time.

Extended Description

Sock Features

Graduated compression (20-30 mmHg) from ankle to knee → Effectively stimulates blood flow and reduces muscle fatigue in the lower body.

Extra terry padding around the foot sole, heel, and ankle → Promotes comfort and prevents friction blisters.

Enhanced foot arch support → Provides stability and can relieve foot issues such as plantar fasciitis.

Seamless toe → Increases comfort and provides less irritation on the toes.

Essential design → The socks are designed to easily adapt to style and activity. No brand logo marked, only sock size on the inside of the sock.

Hemp Features

Skin-friendly → Hemp fibre has a natural soft touch and hypoallergenic properties, which makes the socks gentle even on sensitive skin and less to not itchy at all when worn for long hours. It also has sun protective properties, which keep the skin safe from UV rays.

Antibacterial → Hemp is naturally resistant to mold & odor. The socks stay fresh for longer, thus less washing is required.

Durable → Hemp is one of the most durable plant-based fibres. The socks endure strenuous training and outdoor activities and remain intact after multiple wears & washes.

Breathable & Insulative → Hemp is exceptionally breathable and has natural thermal properties. The socks keep your feet & legs warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.

Planet-friendly → Hemp requires little water and no fertilizers/pesticides, grows fast, replenishes the soil, and absorbs toxins in the soil. The whole plant is useful and provides benefits both for humans and nature.


Compression socks are worth trying if you want to improve the blood flow in your lower body. Symptoms like tired or swollen legs & feet can be relieved or prevented. Plus, your legs get an extra energy boost. Suits well for people who:

stand or sit for long periods
walk or run long-distances
exercise or recover from exercise
travel by air, train, or car for multiple hours
are pregnant


56% hemp, 30% nylon, 14% lycra


Our compression socks are unisex and available in 3 different sizes: Small / Medium / Large. Choosing the right size enables the socks to work best for your legs & feet. Click HERE to check our size guide.

Shin Jardbo Sustainability Attributes

- Made of 56% hemp which is known as one of the most versatile and sustainable crops existing, and in combination with 30% nylon and 14% lycra for the optimal compression.

- Hemp requires little water and no fertilizers/pesticides, grows fast, and has excellent antibacterial properties by nature. Thus, it contributes to reducing water/energy/chemical substances during the production and its useful life.

- Produced responsibly in Taiwan, which is the place known for its advanced technology in a high-quality compression garment.

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About Shin Jardbo

We are Lan and Martin, the founders & creators of SHIN JARDBO, the Yin (陰) & Yang (陽) of the SHIN JARDBO constellation, and also companions for life. Coming from completely different backgrounds, cultures, and continents, we have somehow found common values that we want to share with the SHIN JARDBO project.

On July 22, 2020, we launched our first project: Raw Silk Travel Towel on Indiegogo, and our second project: Hemp Compression Socks, was launched on September 29, 2020. We continuously create products for people who enjoy an active & natural lifestyle with Nature, Style, and Function in mind.

“We believe our most precious gift is the opportunity to experience life, and Movement, Outdoor Adventures, and Being Mindful are the keys to enhance this experience.”