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Nero Signature Tee

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The training tee is engineered to be feather light. Subtle detailing with the high collar and mesh back panels allow your body to breath as you push your limits.

Extended Description

Made from recycled fishing nets.

  • Breathable
  • Mesh Inserts
  • UV protected
  • Lightweight

Made from fishing nets in Italy. 90% Recycled Polyester 10% Spandex. Constructed in Bali.


    • Hand wash
    • Do not Iron
    • Do not bleach
    • Do not tumble dry
    • Do no wring
    • Dry in shade

    Over the lifetime of our signature tee is likely to emit 3.41kg of CO2 from the production, transport and washing in drying. We offset this this output by investing in projects to help balance this out. Many of the carbon offsetting projects also provide additional benefits such as biodiversity, education, jobs, food security, clean drinking water and heath & well-being in developing countries.

    Colter & Roe Sustainability Attributes
    • Our activewear is made from recycled plastic bottles, fishing nets and organic cotton. We use cutting edge technology to give plastic waste a new lease of life by turning it into sportswear.

    • We consider the lifespan of our products. Not only do we offset the manufacture of our products but we also consider, and offset, how you are going to wear them, wash them and dispose of them.

    • Cooperative Projects: We invest the carbon emissions of our products in cooperative projects that promote biodiversity, education, jobs, food security, clean drinking water and health & well-being in developing countries.

    • Our packaging is made of pulped, recycled cardboard and waste paper. We ensure all of our products can be recycled and are bio-degradable. Even the tissue paper and stickers can be recycled!

    • No sustainability without transparency! On each product page you will find information about the supply chain of our products. From where the yarn is made to where it is manufactured and how it gets to you.