Raw Silk Travel Towel, Bantam Set, Blue

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A completely natural and biodegradable 100% raw silk travel towel made to enhance your traveling & outdoor activities. The towel effectively dries off wet or sweaty skin, and with its functional benefits, it adds convenience and saves packing space & weight in your bag. If you are looking for an eco- and skin-friendly alternative to microfibre, this is the towel for you.

Extended Description
Towel Features
Lightweight & Compact → Folds to the size of a pocketbook but lighter.

Quick drying → Dries in 30-45 min outdoors and 60-75 min indoors (after machine wash).

Absorbent → Absorbs 300% of its own weight in water.

Essential design → Functionally sized for its use. Printed care label. Longer hanger loop for ease of use.

Raw Silk Features
Skin-friendly → Raw silk is free from toxins, and both the fabric production and dying are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified. With the hypoallergenic properties of raw silk, the towel does not irritate sensitive skin.

Antibacterial → Raw silk is antibacterial by nature. The towel stays fresh and odor-free for longer, thus less washing required.

Durable → Raw silk is a lot more durable than cotton. With proper care, the towel will accompany you on many adventures.

Planet-friendly → Raw silk is completely natural and biodegradable. Raw silk is made from the leftovers in ordinary silk production and contributes to zero-waste production. The towel does not release microplastics into our oceans when used and washed.

The towel has a natural soft touch, and you will experience the unique nubby and matte texture of raw silk.

A travel towel is useful for everyone who gets wet outside their home. Suits especially well when you need to pack light and compact, such as:

daily exercise (gym, yoga, swim, etc.)
backpacking / camping
hiking / trekking
road trip / van life
adventure travel in the wild

100% raw silk, OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified

Size & Weight
This towel set includes 1 BANTAM towel and 1 FACE & HAND towel.

Click HERE to see dimensions & weights for each size.

*The BANTAM towel is suitable for children and people with a smaller body type. If you are looking for a normal bath towel size, the STANDARD towel is recommended.
Shin Jardbo's Sustainability Attributes
  • Made of 56% hemp which is known as one of the most versatile and sustainable crops existing, and in combination with 30% nylon and 14% lycra for the optimal compression.

  • Hemp requires little water and no fertilizers/pesticides, grows fast, and has excellent antibacterial properties by nature. Thus, it contributes to reducing water/energy/chemical substances during the production and its useful life.

  • Produced responsibly in Taiwan, which is the place known for its advanced technology in a high-quality compression garment.