Raw Silk Travel Towel, Bantam Set, Chili

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A completely natural and biodegradable 100% raw silk travel towel made to enhance your traveling & outdoor activities. The towel effectively dries off wet or sweaty skin, and with its functional benefits, it adds convenience and saves packing space & weight in your bag. If you are looking for an eco- and skin-friendly alternative to microfibre, this is the towel for you.

Extended Description

Towel Features

Lightweight & Compact → Folds to the size of a pocketbook but lighter.

Quick drying → Dries in 30-45 min outdoors and 60-75 min indoors (after machine wash).

Absorbent → Absorbs 300% of its own weight in water.

Essential design → Functionally sized for its use. Printed care label. Longer hanger loop for ease of use.

Raw Silk Features

Skin-friendly → Raw silk is free from toxins, and both the fabric production and dying are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified. With the hypoallergenic properties of raw silk, the towel does not irritate sensitive skin.

Antibacterial → Raw silk is antibacterial by nature. The towel stays fresh and odor-free for longer, thus less washing required.

Durable → Raw silk is a lot more durable than cotton. With proper care, the towel will accompany you on many adventures.

Planet-friendly → Raw silk is completely natural and biodegradable. Raw silk is made from the leftovers in ordinary silk production and contributes to zero-waste production. The towel does not release microplastics into our oceans when used and washed.


The towel has a natural soft touch, and you will experience the unique nubby and matte texture of raw silk.


A travel towel is useful for everyone who gets wet outside their home. Suits especially well when you need to pack light and compact, such as:

daily exercise (gym, yoga, swim, etc.)
backpacking / camping
hiking / trekking
road trip / van life
adventure travel in the wild


100% raw silk, OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified

Size & Weight

This towel set includes 1 BANTAM towel and 1 FACE & HAND towel.

*The BANTAM towel is suitable for children and people with a smaller body type. If you are looking for a normal bath towel size, the STANDARD towel is recommended.

Shin Jardbo Sustainability Attributes

- Made of 56% hemp which is known as one of the most versatile and sustainable crops existing, and in combination with 30% nylon and 14% lycra for the optimal compression.

- Hemp requires little water and no fertilizers/pesticides, grows fast, and has excellent antibacterial properties by nature. Thus, it contributes to reducing water/energy/chemical substances during the production and its useful life.

- Produced responsibly in Taiwan, which is the place known for its advanced technology in a high-quality compression garment.

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About Shin Jardbo

We are Lan and Martin, the founders & creators of SHIN JARDBO, the Yin (陰) & Yang (陽) of the SHIN JARDBO constellation, and also companions for life. Coming from completely different backgrounds, cultures, and continents, we have somehow found common values that we want to share with the SHIN JARDBO project.

On July 22, 2020, we launched our first project: Raw Silk Travel Towel on Indiegogo, and our second project: Hemp Compression Socks, was launched on September 29, 2020. We continuously create products for people who enjoy an active & natural lifestyle with Nature, Style, and Function in mind.

“We believe our most precious gift is the opportunity to experience life, and Movement, Outdoor Adventures, and Being Mindful are the keys to enhance this experience.”