The Chequered Love Band

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Strength: Heavy Resistance

Comes With: Reusable Mesh bag

Made from: 46% Polyester 54% Elastodiene (vegan friendly natural latex)

Measurement: Length: 38cm. Width: 7.5cm.

Wash: Hand wash only

Ideal for: Home, gym and travel

The Heavy Resistance Band offers a challenging resistance without all the equipment, making it easy to take your training with you anywhere. Alternatively you can add the band to your next weight session to increase the intensity of your workout. #STRETCHYOURLIMITS

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MADFITT Sustainability Attributes

- The inner, non slip grip of our resistance bands is made from a natural material rather than an animal by product.

- The material is a natural latex extracted from a tree called Hevea Brasiliensis which is the world’s primary source of natural rubber so does not require trees to be cut down in order for the latex to be extracted.

- Eco Mailer Bags that are recyclable and Eco Mailer Boxes which are made from a minimum of 90% recycled material are used for shipping.

- Mailer Box Shredded Paper: Reusable, Recyclable & Biodegradable.

- OPP Bag: 100% made from recycled plastic & eco-friendly.

- Mesh Bag: recycled nylon & can be degraded in a microbial environment.

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MADFITT invites all of our customers to join our community and to share their own journey and inspire others along the way.

MADFITT’s mission is to create a community around our products where everyone is accepted and boldness, uniqueness, and authenticity is celebrated.

The company is founded by two fitness enthusiasts - Maddie and Malcolm. Maddie is a professional textile designer, creating all of the unique MADFITT designs in-house in Edinburgh, whilst Malcolm’s family has a long history of textile retailing.

Resistance bands are one of the fastest growing trends in gym and home training due to their versatility, effectiveness and low cost. So we launched MADFITT, a range of patterned vegan friendly resistance bands designed to complement your fitness outfit, put you through your paces but also put a smile on your face. They are first and foremost a training accessory but also a fashion accessory.