THE CYCLIST * Radjacke Damen und Herren

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You prefer the sound of the bicycle chain instead of talking to people!? Maybe we've heard that a few times already and have developed our sustainable sports jacket cycling "MONTREET*TheCyclist" for you.

BEFORE YOU BUY: Please make sure to read size information carefully as some items run different to conventional sizing.

Extended Description
In our shop you can get our unique and sustainable sports jacket for cyclists. First and foremost, we consistently pay attention to durability, quality & functionality, which is why MONTREET works exclusively with recycled fabrics.Although it is first and foremost a special concern of ours that our fashion is produced in a sustainable way in terms of quality and material. Secondly, it is important to us that each sports jacket is unique due to its cool artist prints. Finally, we want you to feel fancy and special out there.What do we conclude from this? For all these reasons, our sustainable sports jackets are ideal for cycling in nature and in the city. Ultimately not only because of their special cut or eco-friendly production, but also because of the fashionable feeling they are meant to give you. That's what MONTREET is all about!Fabric3-layer material // Outer fabric: 100% recycled POLYESTERlining: recycled fleece // membrane: 100% recyclablezippers: 100% recycled POLYESTER + reused zippers
MONTREET's Sustainability Attributes
  • Products made from recycled POLYESTER, NYLON , Mesh and re-used zips
  • Every product is single variety , to be able to recycle it afterwards. In line with the principles of the slow fashion sector,
  • MONTREET will never grow so quickly that solid standards in terms of sustainability and environmental protection cannot be met.
  • Offering our repair services, we offer our buyers the opportunity to become part of the MONTREET community.
  • We are a "slow fashion brand" and act according to the principles of this movement. It is important to us that our buyers understand that the purchase of one of our products should be considered and that our garments should be used and used.
  • Our fabrics are mainly sourced from Germany, Austria and Italy. We only operate in Europe, from fabric to manufacture, and this enables MONTREET to offer the highest quality and best practices while at the same time complying with ecological, social and ethical standards.
  • Taking care of CERTIFICATES such as OEKOTEX / WEARFAIR / BLUESIGN etc. Supports the 'Who Made My Clothes?' initiative Manufacturing at MONTREET only takes place at selected and specialized European manufacturing partners in Portugal, Ukraine and Austria - all visited the Production / Also certificated b human rights etc. / waste management
  • We have ensured compliance with labor rights on the one hand through global certification of the companies and also through visits to the locations. 100 % Recycled Package Bags All cards which a printed are CO2 neutral - the printer hast eco friendly management
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