“Fast fashion isn’t free. Someone, somewhere is paying.”

— Lucy Siegle​

Our Goal

To help everyday athletes find brands that are committed to sustainability by curating products that consider ethical, environmental and social aspects that make them sustainable.

We also aim to be transparent so that the sustainability of a brand is clear.

Did you know?



The percentage that is recyclable. ECONYL yarn reduces the energy demand of traditional yarn by 45%.​


Recycled Polyester(rPET)

The percentage less carbon emission from Recycled Polyester versus Virgin Polyester


Organic Cotton

The percentage that is rain-fed, which reduces pressure on water sources.

Our Brands

We champion brands to be as sustainable as possible. We refer to the positive actions a brand takes to be more sustainable as “attributes”. We acknowledge that some brands are just embarking on their journey to be sustainable, whereas others have fully developed a strong sustainable life cycle for their products. 

On each product description you will see an outline of a brands' “Sustainability Attributes” outlining exactly what makes the brand sustainable.

You can easily identify the attributes instantly when you explore the brand or its products with our icons below.

Eco-friendly Material

Products are predominantly made with eco-friendly materials and the brand is transparent of percentage of fabric and materials used.

The brand produces high quality products to ensure longevity – products that are made to last.

Ethical & Sustainable Manufacturing Process

The brand is transparent about how and where manufacturing is completed.The brand has worked with ethical companies to ensure their manufacturing is sustainable, ethical and has as little impact on plant where possible.The brand takes extra measures to ensure that manufacturers and suppliers used meet ethical and sustainable standards.

Circular Process & Contributions

The brand actively works with charitable organisations and social enterprises to ensure that they are completing a circular journey of sustainability outside of their products.The brand offers services such as recycling or reusing materials to prevent items going to landfill as much as possible.

Packaging & Delivery

The brand uses plastic free, recyclable or biodegradable packaging.The brand uses a carbon neutral company for deliveries/ offsets carbon emissions.

Impact Considerations

The brand is aware of their own contribution to the planet and takes action to combat this

Our Transparency

We have put together the attributes, baseline and framework of sustainability to the best of our knowledge and belief. Growing our understanding of new ways to be sustainable is important for us therefore we champion a knowledge-sharing community. If you would like to contribute to this community, we are always open to suggestions and welcome constructive comments or collaborations.

Our future plans include working with external organisations to help develop our policies and processes associated with sustainability alongside using the relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals as a guidance.